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About Staff

Richard Anthony DeStefano,MS
Certied Personal Trainer
Professional Coach
Sport Psychology Consultant 

Immediately after receiving my Immediately after receiving my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science from Southern Connecticut State University, I found myself directing Yale School of Medicine’s Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Exercise Laboratory for 13 years. Alongside my professional career in the field of exercise physiology, I trained year-round as a promising and sponsored track and field athlete. My hard work paid off in 2000 when I qualified and competed in the US Olympic track and field trials and finished with a national ranking of 10th in the US. Once I retired from track and field I began coaching and implementing strength and conditioning programs for serious athletes. I worked with several teams including Hopkins School, Cheshire H.S., Hillhouse H.S., Glastonbury H.S., and the US Olympic training center. My programs were contagious because they worked. To date, I have helped produce 56 state open champions, 33 New England Champions, and over 2 dozen All-Americans. I have been invited and attended dozens of workshops, camps, clinics, and lectures all around the continental US.  For over 20 years I have been an active member of the American College of Sports Medicine.  I am currently a certified personal trainer and member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine. After recently obtaining my Master’s degree in Sport Psychology I hold  sport psychology sessions into my practice.  In addition, I will be holding future seminars, workshops and attending conferences with a focus on team building, leadership, and training with focus.   I recently teamed up with the Bone and Joint Institute of Hartford Hospital as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach. I am training post operative patients to get back into sport and healthy athletes looking to excel in sport 

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