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We test athletes to determine a performance baseline and identify areas where they can create separation from their competition. We then educate athletes the same methods used by many of today’s top professional and Olympic athletes to improve sport and position specific movement skills.   Athletes are educated onwhat they need to do to get better. How to move better - the foundation of improving athleticism.  How to train smarter - learning to listen to their body, push limits safely and to incorporate sound nutrition to fuel performance and recovery.  We help athletes improve their training knowledge. Then we train using the most scientifically-proven programs. Our individualized training protocols and real-time video analysis sessions are used with the athlete giving them the ultimate performance sports training experience.  This has been used on 1000's of athletes in Connecticut in dozens of sports.  


Our sport-specific, individualized programming is designed specifically for athletes preparing for the upcoming season, gaining an advantage in the off-season and keeping their skills sharp during the season. Our programs push athletes hard and make them faster, stronger and more agile than they ever thought possible.

Track and Field Athlete

Sports Specific Training

Sport specific training is simply fitness and performance training designed specifically for athletic performance enhancement. Training programs for athletic performance enhancement could include such areas as strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, agility, mental preparedness (including goal setting), sleep, recovery/regeneration techniques and strategies, nutrition, rehabilitation, pre-habilitation, and injury risk reduction. 

A general program should include all of these components and a more specific program may only include a few, depending upon the athlete's specific needs (based on strengths, weaknesses and/or imbalances) and the demands of the sport they participate in.

Specific Training vs. Specific Skills

While there may be some sense of specificity to a program designed for an athlete of a specific sport, the truth is that there is a limit to the amount of application/carryover of a sports performance exercise to a sports skill. The most sports specific training that can be done is the sport itself. Sports specific skills practiced for the sport are as specific as one can get. Skills can range from increasing or improving in vertical jumps, throwing speed, hitting speed, torque and power.

Take Ice Hockey, for example: there are no exercises that can be performed in the weight room that are more specific to hockey than skating on the ice. The same is true for shooting the puck. However, while there are sports specific skills necessary for each sport, there are also physical skills necessary for each sport. Sports preparation is necessary for the sport specific skills (shooting a basketball, pitching a baseball, etc.) and physical preparation is needed for specific performance enhancement such as foot speed, strength, power, etc.

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