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Aerial View of Hurdler

Training Rates

 DeStefano Strength and Conditioning aims for optimal levels of human performance and train with purpose using scientifically proven programs that are tailored to the meet athlete's needs in sport.  Javelin specific programs range from general conditioning to event specific.  Individual energy can range anywhere from moderate to high instensities of various calibers. 

                               60 minute private sessions                        1 session: $100

               6 pack: $570 ($95/session)                       

                                 12 pack:  $1,080 ($90/session)                                   

24 pack:  $2,040($85/session)

60 minute sessions for 2 athletes 

                       Couples or 2 on 1 Training: $130 per hour ($65/each)

                Couples or 2 on 1 Training: 12 Pack One: $1440 ($720/each)

                   Couples or 2 on 1 Training: 24 Pack: $2640 ($1320/each)


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