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Helping athletes enhance performance. The usage of mental strategies, such as visualization, self-talk, and relaxation techniques has helped dozens of athletes overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.


DeStefano Strength & Conditioning now offers sport psychology sessions.  Sessions can be booked today at 203-415-3340 or contact Rich at

What athletes have to say....

Years ago... back in the summer of 1999.. you gave a talk at the Sean Mahon High Jump Clinic at Amity high school.


I was a junior going into senior year... I had showed promise at the event but was definitely not where I could have been.


I remember you speaking over 20 years ago... and I also remember going into my senior year with a new passion for development.


I went on to with the Open... 3rd at New Englands... 8th at Nationals... 4th ranked Decathlete in high school my senior year, 11th at Junior Nationals.


20+ years later I may not remember every word you spoke or the stories you shared... but I DO remember the passion you ignited. - James Francis McKirdy

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