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DeStefano Strength & Conditioning offers sport psychology consultations. The type of mindset we aim to facilitate is a positive one. Athletes that leave sport psychology sessions are athletes who refuse to let outside distractions negatively impact them, the competitors that are goal-driven, and determined to pursue greatness. The individuals who do not run away from adversity or challenges; those who run toward giants.If the athlete does not have this mentality yet, fine; let's get there together. We want to help them achieve that warrior attitude by forming a strong relationship and creating a personalized strategy to compete at their highest level.
Our goal is to provide high quality sport psychology services to athletes of all ages, levels of competition, and cultures at an affordable price.

  • 50 minute consultations: $100

  • 3- 50 minute consultations:$275

  • 5- 50 minute consultations: $450


Years ago... back in the summer of 1999.. you gave a talk at the Sean Mahon High Jump Clinic at Amity high school.


I was a junior going into senior year... I had showed promise at the event but was definitely not where I could have been.


I remember you speaking over 20 years ago... and I also remember going into my senior year with a new passion for development.


I went on to with the Open... 3rd at New Englands... 8th at Nationals... 4th ranked Decathlete in high school my senior year, 11th at Junior Nationals.


20+ years later I may not remember every word you spoke or the stories you shared... but I DO remember the passion you ignited. - James 

“Sport psychology sessions really helped me when my confidence was at its lowest. It was an eye opening experience that allowed me to uncover the outside issues that were affecting my performance. It immediately improved not only my performance by my well-being as well.”


Mr. DeStefano’s sport psychology workshop helped me overcome a mental block that I had struggled with for months. A deeper understanding of the event brings challenging questions, and coach gave me the ability to find answers. -Joe

“Rich has helped me immeasurably by teaching me to be confident and to trust in my training. I have learned that I control my outcomes.”



Rich’s Team Building Workshop designed for our men’s and women’s track teams was great. The athletes really enjoyed the experience and they felt it made a big difference in building self-esteem and team camaraderie.”


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